Critical Networks Performance and Security

Trout builds technology to accelerate secure digitization in industrial environments


The Trout Advantage

Trout has engineered plug-and-play hardware to secure and optimize critical network infrastructure, accelerating the secure digitization of embedded systems, critical infrastructures and factories.

Modern Factory


Essentials but at Risk

Industrial companies face significant challenges in securing and managing their network infrastructure. Traditional LAN setups are vulnerable to cyber threats and lateral movements from a connected workforce to core production machines. Companies need a solution that provides robust security while being easy to scale and manage.


Industrial Network Performance and Security

Trout provides a scalable and secure hardware solution for implementing Demilitarized LAN (DLAN) across industrial sites. Utilizing defense-grade technology, Trout enables companies to accelerate their digital transformation while offering comprehensive resilience against cyber threats.

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Thales secures environments with Trout

Thales, a top-tier defense company ranking among Europe's elite, has long been recognized for its steadfast commitment to security and technological innovation. In a strategic move to accelerate security by the edges, Thales embarked on a transformative initiative by integrating Trout into its ecosystem.


Accelerate and secure your industrial sites

At Trout, we work to help our customers deliver agile and secure networks, and to be able to tackle their digitalization efforts, from a strength position


Rx, the UI Framework from Trout


10 Steps to Protect Industrial Environments from Cyber Threats

A comprehensive 10-Step Strategy designed to strengthen the cybersecurity defenses and resilience of industrial companies.