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Partner with Trout to bring innovation and digitalization to your customers and prospects.


Enabling Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors

At Trout, we recognize that digitalization is no longer an option but a key requirement for manufacturing and industrial companies. As a leading provider of network management solutions, we partner with service and consulting providers to facilitate this critical transformation, ensuring seamless and secure operations in an increasingly digital world.

Our Partners


Why Partner with Trout?

Our solutions are designed to address the specific needs of manufacturing and industrial sectors. Our hardware - installed on-site - provides visibility into network behaviors, and a software layer to implement protection over time. 

This ensures our partners can deliver continuous and lasting value to their customers.


Expand Your Service Offerings

Enhance your portfolio with our specialized solutions tailored for the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Operational Efficiency

Use our tools to automate visibility, reporting and improve overall efficiency in network management.

Ensure Robust Security

Provide your clients with defense-grade security, protecting their operations from low performance and cyber threats.

Drive Digital Transformation

Lead your clients through their digital transformation journey, ensuring they stay competitive in the market.

Join Our Partner Program

Partnering with Trout means collaborating to drive digital transformation in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Our partner program offers: pricing and incentives, support and training, and exclusive partner resources.


OT Security in the Manufacturing Industry


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