Plug & Play Cybersecurity for Supply Chains

Supply chain resilience and cybersecurity risks are a growing challenge for security teams. Trout Supply Chain offers a simple Plug & Play solution that is installed across multiple sites, creating a vertical visibility across suppliers.

Trout Supply Chain

Document and Protect Supply Chain with Context 

  • Plug & Play

  • Shared Intelligence

  • Standard Compliance

  • Integrations


Plug & Play Cyberbox, easily installed on-site

Trout Cyberbox is easily installed on a given site, connected on the network. Once connected, the hardware analyze the environment with pre-configured logic and start to generate cybersecurity recommendations.

Logs and packets are processed on-premise, through the hardware, ensuring the confidentiality of the information of any given company.


Pre-configure Cyberboxes to share threat intelligence through a secure conduit

Cyberboxes are able to send detections and playbooks across a secure layer, enforcing zero-trust at the control level, allowing multiple companies to exchange cybersecurity information. This mesh of devices allows supply chain to share resources and gain an intelligence advantage.

Trout Core Engine allows companies to share more than static indices of compromises, but to flag kill chains and series of actions that put systems at risk.


Define standards framework that are then applied to any application or environments

Through Trout UI, define a base framework, or quick-start this process via our compliance starter-packs, and deploy across a mesh of cyberbox. Operators on-site can then connect the base framework to their respective controls and proofs.

Once setup, policy are run following a schedule, and compliance documentation created.


Integrate edge environments in your existing processes

Trout Plug & Play solutions are aimed to interact with your existing tools and processes. Our solutions allow the processing of logs via Trout Core Engine, and to skim the relevant information to your existing solutions (e.g. SIEM, SOC, MSSP).


Trout technology at the service of European cybersecurity

The European Union announced in late November 2022 a new directive (SRI2), reinforcing the previous one (SRI), in order to consolidate cybersecurity cooperation between member states and improve the management of cyber risks and incidents.

Trout, as part of this project call, has distinguished itself by becoming a strategic partner of the EU in building a resilient European cybersecurity.


Increase your Supply  Chain Cybersecurity Today

Trout Supply Chain Cybersecurity allows entities to quickly implement a base framework to exchange threat signals and compliance standards, improving the overall security and resilience of supply chains.