Lightweight controller for faster, automated app security and compliance

Trout ensures all apps, internal and third party, conform to company security policy - an easy, scalable solution for the expanding footprint of apps.

Trout Compliance Sidecar

Real time threat protection in hours, not weeks, and automated compliance that saves hundreds of hours yearly 

  • Simple

  • Automated

  • Integrated

  • Scalable


Install with one command, Configure with a few clicks

Install Trout Compliance Sidecar on your servers, VM or containers with one command line. Once launched, Trout provides a UI where operators can deploy compliance starter-packs and configure their custom controls and context in a few clicks.

Trout Compliance Sidecar will continuously run in the background and create automated documentation and proof collection for audit season.


Run your compliance framework on schedule and automatically collect proofs

From Trout Compliance Sidecar UI, schedule the frequency of your audits and when to collect proofs. The agent will run on schedule and validate the configurations and relevant logs in your environments, automatically creating documentation.

Audit stakeholders can quickly review the information they need and accelerate their homologation.


Integrate Trout Compliance Sidecar with your GRC and security team's tools (e.g., SIEM/SOC)

Trout Compliance Sidecar is able to process logs and signals, and skim them to the relevant tools. By pushing the filtering and enrichment of data to the edge, your security team is able to get more qualitative information and reduce noise.

Trout Compliance Sidecar also provides a collaborative UI where different teams and participate, exchange information, accelerating review processes.


Define standards framework that are then applied to any application or environments

Trout Compliance Sidecar allows you to customize compliance started-packs with your organization standards. Once in place, each new agent that's deployed will have your default policy integrated.

Operators can connect their logs and configuration to the default policy, across environments, building on a common tool that scales.


Thales secures on-premise application with Trout

Thales, a top-tier defense company ranking among Europe's elite, has long been recognized for its steadfast commitment to security and technological innovation. In a strategic move to bolster security controls and streamline compliance workflows, Thales embarked on a transformative initiative by integrating Trout Compliance Sidecar into its ecosystem.


Accelerate and Automate Application Compliance Today

Trout Compliance Sidecar is a lightweight agent, running next to applications and environments, and continuously monitoring signals to detect threats and automate compliance.